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There are a lot of individuals who are searching for a MP3 player that has a ton of fancy odds and ends, yet there are some who are simply searching for a fundamental one that will offer great music at a moderate cost. For those individuals, Creative Labs has made the Zen Stone.

When you first grasp the Zen Stone, on the off chance that you close your eyes you may get the hallucination of holding a pleasantly cleaned shake from the waterway. In spite of the fact that not totally scratch safe, the smooth, hard plastic that covers the Zen Stone won’t scratch effectively with typical use. The components of the Zen Stone are 2.1 inches x 1.4 inches x.5 inches, making it a pleasant little unit, however not very little that it vanishes in huge hands.

One extremely decent thing about this player is a spot on the left side to interface a cord with the goal that you can wear the MP3 player around your neck. While the USB plug is found on the base of the MP3 player, you will discover the jack for your earphones at the top.

A component that is accessible with the free Creative Media Lite programming is something that the guardians who purchase this unit for their kids will like. It enables the guardians to set the most extreme volume at which the MP3 player can be played, and once this is set it will be secret phrase ensured. This is certainly a component that a greater amount of the MP3 creators should execute.

With regards to exchanging music, clients will be glad to realize that this MP3 player will work with any working framework without the need to introduce programming. This incorporates Mac, Linux, and Windows. It’s anything but difficult to exchange music – you should simply basically simplified individual records or whole organizers f documents. You can likewise utilize Windows Media player with the Zen Stone, just as some other kind of removable media. Furthermore, in light of the fact that the player is MSC, you can utilize the player to store different kinds of records, for example, archives and photographs.

For music playback, there are two diverse ways that you can playback your music – mix all and rehash all. When you pick rehash all, it essentially implies that it plays the majority of the melodies on the player. The tunes are played one after another in order by organizer title just as track title. When you slide the change to one side, it will put the MP3 into mix mode, implying that the MP3 player will rearrange through all the record envelopes and tunes.

The Creative Labs Zen Stone is a decent, simple to utilize MP3 player that has a great deal of highlights however not a ton of expense.