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Stockholm is one of Baltic’s most beautiful cities and is filled with a culture of music. Surrounded almost entirely by sea and built in 14 islands cluster, it is often referred to as the Venice of the north. Here are the top must see attractions in Stockholm, Sweden.

Vasa Museum

The sea naturally plays a vital role in the everyday life of this city, so it is no surprise the most popular attraction in Stockholm has a nautical theme. This museum houses the seventeenth century warship which sank in 1628. It laid at the bottom of the harbor for over 300 years before it was razed to the surface. Lots of painstaking restoration has returned the Vasa back to her former glory when she was referred to as the world’s most prestigious warship.

Museum of National Antiquities

The Museum of National Antiquities is another of this city’s captivating attraction. Many relics from the Viking era are on display here. The Gold Room is the museum’s centerpiece. Here the most prized silver and gold treasures of Sweden are kept here.

City Hall

The City Hall is one of the most magnificent buildings in Stockholm. It was commissioned in 1824 and it consists of almost 8 million red bricks. There are also different lavish rooms inside, one of which is the Blue Hall which host the Nobel Prize banquet every year. Also, the golden hall sits above the blue hall. This room is decorated with more than 18 million mosaic pieces which depicts various important events from the country’s history.

Gamla Stan

This enchanting old town is the true heart of this city. On the narrow alleyways and streets, you will find many medieval buildings along with cafes and shops that help to add a lively atmosphere to this area.

Royal Palace

This is one of the most celebrated landmarks in Stockholm. The Royal Palace has more 600 rooms and it is one of Europe’s largest palaces. You may catch a glimpse of the changing of guard ceremony if you are lucky. This takes place at noon every day. Although Stockholm’s medieval past has been preserved beautifully, it is now a modern city using Scandinavian sophistication and style. You will find pleasant public spaces and fashionable boutiques as well as an array of cozy bars and cafes.

The Ice Bar

This is one of Stockholm’s coolest venues if you would like to experience the city’s cosmopolitan side. Everything here is made from crystal clear ice including the glasses and walls. It is usually very cold in here but a splash of vodka should do the magic. Stockholm has so much to offer, you can explore this beautiful city however you like since there are different shore excursions available.